Crowd Safety Management

Our consultants work diligently to ensure that all aspects of crowd safety are considered by reviewing site design, calculating flow rates, densities and other mathematical factors as well as considering humanistic geography. This results in the ability to deliver comprehensive crowd safety models and capacity calculations that are unique to each situation, every time.


Our experience with the latest technology and our many years of experience in the event safety sector has enabled us to provide an efficient and accurate method of creating the right plan for your requirements. With analysis and risk assessments and the ability to provide bespoke strategies for your event, our crowd safety and event control service is vital to delivering a safe and secure event attracting hundreds and thousands of visitors


ESP can provide the following services to aid you implement a strong crowd management plan...


  • Analyse arrival and egress profiles

  • Calculate safe pedestrian flow rates

  • Analyse and calculate spatial capacities

  • Provide crowd movement risk assessments

  • Recommend proactive control measures

  • Monitor and manage event control rooms