Event CDM

Everyone involved in managing an event site has a duty under the CDM Regulations, and since 2015 this duty is now being enforced by the HSE. This includes making sure that the working conditions are completeley safe even before work starts.


The law now requires the event organiser or promotor to appoint a Principal Designer (PD) and Principal Contractor (PC) if the event is going to employ more than 2 contractors. If this is not carried out then the organiser assumes those duties by default.


Construction is a very broad term and there isn't enough space here to give you the full low down, but essentially it will include:-


  • Stages, Tents, Marquees

  • Shell schemes, Space only structures at exhibitions

  • Rigging, AV and lighting installs

  • Grandstands, platforms

  • Brand Activations, FOH structures, truss installations


Promotors or Organisers appointing Principal Designers and Principal Contractors must take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves that those who will carry out the work have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience and where they are an organisation, the organisational capacity to carry out the work in a way which secures health and safety.”


One duty of the Prinicipal Designer, the person or legal entity that has influence over the design of the event is to collate all safety information and produce the safety documentation including the Construction Phase Plan. ESP have been doing this for years and have vast amounts of experience to ensure that the event safety file meets the new criteria as laid out by the HSE. We will also make sure that it is proportionate to the size of the event and the risks that people are therefore exposed to.


With our consultants, you can be assured that you will have taken all reasonable steps to satisfy yourself that the health and safety of the workers involved in building your site will be properly conisdered.