Event Control

Have you ever wondered how large events are managed and considered if that is something that could be conducted at a smaller event? Well you would be happy to know that with the advances of technology and mobile data platforms, it is entirely possible to have full control of an event of any size.


Event Control can be on site or off site, depending on the type of event, indeed you do not have to be within the footprint of the event to be able to make important decisions. The event organiser has moral and legal responsibilities to ensure the safety of the public and the workforce at all times during an event, ESP can help by providing loggists, bespoke logging software and staff to manage and co-ordinate in a multi-agency environment. All staff are trained with ATLAS OPS AIMS/RTO software.


Emergency Liaison Team


If in the event something goes slightly awry, you need professional advice quickly. Information demand is extremely intense and won't subside timewise, well into the situation being managed. ESP can provide you with tactical leadership or help to manage on site responders with staff who have been trained themselves, in the emergency services.


Working with you in the planning stages, ESP can help to gain valuable relationships with those working in your control room or help to foster good relations with those that could be the first responder in the event of an emergency at your venue or event.