Local Authority & Government Organisations

In this difficult time of balancing the national accounts, we fully understand the challenges that all our Local Authorities and Government Departments are facing. Local Authorities are in the unique position of having range of unique and diverse annual events which change little year on year making it easier for them to retain core event delivery staff. This provides a level of consistency that other event owners may not be able to achieve.


Consultants at ESP have worked both in and for Local Authorities over the years either full time, on Government based projects or specific events. We recognise that there are still going to be times when it seems almost impossible to balance the books and, retain and deliver the relevant competencies to ensure safety and compliance. We believe that with our three year plan, you will be able to demonstrate to Members and Directors that even when event budgets are being drawn back, public safety can still remain focussed and be delivered so that events do not suffer reputational damage.



ESP Options is a three year programme designed to help Local Authorities and Government Departments meet their financial obligations whilst still being able to provide social and cultural divergence in their planned events.


With this approach, the costs for contracted services from ESP will reduce year on year until such time that the LA or GO will be able to provide and maintain competent safety advice from within its own departments.


The ESP 4 stage event safety file will be pivotal in managing this process and will act as a useful aide memoire for future events. For more details of this specific detail, please get in touch, we'd be happy to discuss this with you.


Of course there is no need to take out the whole plan, the beauty of ESP Options is its flexibility allowing you to tailor the service to meet your needs, mixing and matching to get the best possible cost benefit to your organisation. Our training can also be added as a standalone option if required.

Year 1


  • Carry out a Gap Analysis of your current event plans and make recommendations for improvements where and  if required

  • Assist the LA in developing an action plan to make any necessary improvements

  • Option for ESP to develop a 4 stage event safety file that is future proofed and easy to update should there be any legislative changes in the future

  • Work with procurement to ensure that any tenders are properly and succinctly targeted to get the right contractors at the right price without undue delay

  • Review contractor information and work with suppliers to ensure satisfactory safety standards are understood

  • Develop a site management plan to include site induction training for all involved in the delivery of event. This could be season specific if other events are in the same place.

  • Facilitate an Event Preparedness Table Top Exercise

  • Provide onsite safety cover and produce post event report


Year 2


  • Review events undertaken in year one and where the same events or similar are being held, conduct a safety management review

  • Provide staff training so they can undertake reviews of contractor documentation

  • Provide staff training and mentor potential site managers from in house staff pool

  • Provide onsite cover and mentoring of those who would now be able to conduct site inductions and identify hazards around site

  • Produce post event report and give recommendations for any further staff training still required for year three


Year 3


  • Review events undertaken in year two and where the same events or similar are being held, conduct a management review

  • Provide staff training for site management and event organiser to take on more responsibilities as site and safety advisors

  • Provide onsite mentoring only

  • Produce a post event report and recommendations