Health & Safety Event Management

Successful health & safety management has great rewards, not only will it reduce the likelihood of accidents, lost time or insurance claims but facilitate a more productive, happier workforce and a robust reputation.


We can work with you to create, develop, implement & review sound safety strategies that work in practice.


Protecting your business from avoidable incidents by undertaking an ESP 'stock take', we will help you identify the gaps and provide you the tools and support for maintaining or improving a good safety culture. We also...


  • Conduct site audits and reports

  • Investigate incidents

  • Provide job safety analysis and risk assessments

  • Give proactive advice in relation to controlling risk

  • Research latest guidance to stay current

  • Provide training of many relevant topics across industry


We believe it's important to make sure every aspect of an event is covered for potential health and safety issues and that a strategic plan is in place. It's easy to see this as red tape but it's essential to creating a safe and secure event for those attending and to give you confidence with the end result, knowing every facet has been planned for and giving you peace of mind.


HSE figures show increased revenue from FFI payments in 2016 and the hourly rate is due to rise again from the current £129 per hour, which is charged by HSE if you are found in material breach of safety legislation.
For companies that retain our services & who can demonstrate at any point that they are working towards full health and safety compliance, could be protected against up to £10,000 invoice value on each occasion and up to a maximum of £25,000 in any policy year. With our corporate membership to the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM), premiums start as low as £99.50 for an annual policy.
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